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Meetings and Events should be published on the Chapter Web Calendar.
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1. First time - Make sure your email address is OK in Wild login:"wilduser"  password:"chorizo"

2. (Does not work with chrome on Mac OS X)  
You can use some basic html commands in the description. <P>, <BR>, <B>, <A>, <UL>, <LI> worked. <PRE> did not. Note: You will have to select the leader from the general membership. We don't use the LEADER database which is different from Wild. Executive Committee: Proposed Bylaws Change: In 2009 we recommended the following ByLaw changes Section 3.1 1. Increase number of excomm members from 7 to 9 2. Increase terms from 2 years to 3 years. Section 3.13 Subject to removal if you miss 3 meetings and/or email votes However, the only change voted on by the membership was the change to the number of excomm members. My 2014 update reflects this. 2006 Bylaws See bylaw change. Proposed New Bylaws Don 2009, Rich, Don 2014 Current Bylaws List Server: NJ-RARITAN-EXCOM-FORUM@LISTS.SIERRACLUB.ORG
Open to anyone who would like to follow or contribute to policy issues and direction for the group. You do not have to be elected to the Executive Committee to join. Media Contacts Local, State and Federal Government Contacts 2013 Survey Results Clubhouse (Leader resources) at National Sierra Club: at (Communications, Fund Raising, Training, ...) User Name: clubhouse Password: explore (Auto login) (Doesn't work with some browsers) Leader Positions - Job Descriptions NJ typical Leader Positions You can click on the "?" next to the job names on the main page to get job descriptions. Membership Chair Toolkit Free (Brochures - Literature) Stuff for sale (Water bottles, t-shirts): Membership & Fundraising Home - Fundraising - Clubhouse - Sierra Club Brochures Membership Forms - Wind Power 3/page Flyer Business Cards Membership - Recruiting: Training: Leader Training Programs by at clubhouse Group Training Workshop from 2009 ExCom by Greg Auriemma 2014 Training for groups and chapter. Land Use and Preservation in New Jersey A Beginner's Guide (Word doc) pdf
Street Fairs & other tabling events 2014: Events (2014): Street Fairs: Woodbridge May 17 Highland Park May 18 Somerville June 1 Metuchen June 22 Bound Brook Sept 20 Somerville Oct 5 See List from Other The Somerset County Library offers the opportunity to set up a table with your literature at various times throughout the year. You can use this once per year. Application form.
Outings: Running Local Outings at Clubhouse Training for local and National outings. Outings Chair Outing Leader Activity/Outing Sign-in and Waiver form (pdf) Waiver and Activity Roster (doc) National Paddling Outings Program Ideas: Past Programs Speaker Ideas from the chapter
ByLaws Webmaster requirements: As of Jan. 2014 I have been doing it by hand coding html. You can also get George Newsome to make changes for you. On 1/11/2014 George Newsome wrote: Adrian's latest email is that the .asp site will be supported to the end of 2014. He keeps talking about simplified migration to drupal and I keep waiting to see what that means. I don't think it is essential to know Drupal because the whole point of a Content Management System (CMS) is to make it much easier to handle content without needing to do any html coding. I would hold the request for a new person for a while while National get their drupal act further together. With any luck, I can worry about the move to the drupal platform and your next web master should only need to handle content. Of course, if you can find someone who already knows about Drupal, I would love them to handle the whole Chapter move to drupal. H'm... maybe I should be asking for that myself! George
Logos: Logos Home - Communications - Clubhouse - Sierra Club Local versions: (Cleaned up to remove jpeg artifacts) Sierra Club Logo Sierra Club Logo Sierra Club Logo Sierra Club Logo Sierra Club Logo Sierra Club Logo Sierra Club Logo 214x331 430x200 85x100 48x48 75x80 96x96 16x16 jpg jpg png png png png ico Note: The first 2 images have been reduced for display here. Right click to copy at full size.
Sierra Club Outings Logo jpg Logo pdf and png: PDF EPS PDF EPS
Old Issues for reference.
Chapter Meetings: Hamilton Township Library (Map)   Google Also New Brunswick Library and Chatham Library
Activism - Local resources Conservation Committee's Guide: Land Use and Preservation in New Jersey A Beginner's Guide (Word doc) pdf Stoping a development.
Helpful tips for your Letter to The Editor & Issue Fact Sheets from Trenton.

Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing

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