* Revisions to New Jersey Administrative Code (NJAC) Title 14 - Board of Public Utilities,
  Chapter 5 - Electrical Service, Subchapter 8/9 - Vegetation management

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Attached is a digest of some of the Stakeholder Replies. I apologize that in the interest of brevity they may be taken out of context.:

There were only 2 significant responses submitted in the July 21, 2008 to August 8, 2008 response period.

Jersey Central Power & Light Company was the only utility to follow procedures and respond to the list server.
Comments submitted jointly on behalf of Atlantic City Electric Company, Jersey Central Power & Light Company, Public Service Electric and Gas Company and Rockland Electric Company in a separate filing with the BPU

"James Glassen" <jglassen@rpa.state.nj.us> August 8
I/M/O Prosposed Readoption of Vegetation Management Rules
Reply Comments Submitted on Behalf of the Division of Rate Counsel, NJ Dept. of the Public Advocate
After reviewing initial comments the Rate Counsel will not be submitting specific comments in reply but rather relies upon the comments set forth inits initial filing.

"Lasky, Marc" , Jersey Central Power & Light Company July 21
JCP&L follows FirstEnergy System's Transmission Vegetation Management Progrem (FE TVMP). The FE TVMP is designed to adhere to the NERC Vegetation Management Standard FAC-003-1.
Transmission lines operating above 138kV shal be cleared no less than thirty feet from the conductor.
They reference IEE 516-2003 with a table that showe 138Kv clearance at 2.9' and a maximum clearance for 500kV lines of 14.7'

14:5-9.6 (b), (c) (f)2 and (f)3 [EDC shall be permitted to leave trees and other woody vegetation within the transmission right of way, under certain conditions] - Recommend that the minimum requiarements be adopted as specifided in NERC Standard FAC-003-1

14:5-9.6 (e)2 (e)3 (e)4 [EDC shall not allow any woody plant species that naturally matures above 15 feet to grow in the border zone.]- Ther requirements set forth in these two sections are unduly stringent and restrictive.