From: Parvin Khan

Social Impact- Consideration to be given to not only the electric plant but also the areas surrounding the neighborhood where the H.T.W. is passing through. Amendment has to be done keeping in mind the acceptable standards which is for the wellbeing of the public.

Page11- Smart Growth should be also consideration of direct and indirect effect on the landscape near and around the customers property.
Page 36- Making changes in their vegetation guidance. The vegetation maintenence should be carried on depending on the site of the removal of vegetation. They have to be flexible about how they are going to manage the clearing. They should keep in mind the situation of the trees and the extent of it causing any hazard to the wires or the residential properties weighing the option on either side.
Page 37- N.J.A.C. 14:5-9.6- (b) National Electric Safety Code. What is it? Is it 15' for 249 KW and 18' for a 240 KW and over? If not define the safest distance of the vegetation with the explanation for this.

  1. Clearing under the lines within the right of way. How much clearance needed to perform any repair and maintenance.
  2. Limit the vegetation that will grow less than 150% of the minimum NESC to grpw in the right of way. Where is the standard set for these 15' and over trees to be out of the safe distance not to cause any interruption to the maintenance? Looking for the reference tp 75' from either side of the transmission wire?
  3. The potential movement of trees duriong various weather conditions. In any weather conditions, stormy or severe the trees which were removed were not in the parameter to cause any disruption.
Page 38- 7. EDC shall comply with the soil erosion requirements. They should replace the cutting everywhere which caused the wide patch of vegetation to be removed by non wooded crops which can grow up to 12' as they have mentioned.