The following section was included in the Notice of Solicitation of Public Input (

Solicitation of Input

In an effort to assist in this important assessment function, the Board will afford the opportunity for public input from interested persons, through the Board's website as described below. The issues to be reviewed by the Board will include:

  1. The treatment of trees within the border zone in trans mission rights of way;
  2. The requirements for notice to customers and property owners;
  3. A consideration for commercial agricultural interests with low-growing cultivated trees in an accessible right of way;
  4. Treatment of invasive and non-indigenous species;
  5. Environmental issues that may involve the New Jersey Department of Environmental protection, such as the application of herbicides;
  6. Resolution of concerns raised regarding vegetation management in the Pinelands Area;
  7. A review of differences between the State standards and federal NERC FAC 003-1; and
  8. Certification requirements for vegetation managers in New Jersey.

All relevant dates for the submission of comments and participation in the stakeholder process will be obtainable through a link from the Board's website,

The Board will then accept rebuttal comments for two weeks after the original comment period. An informal stakeholder conference will then be held. The date of the conference will be announced on the designated page of the Board's website. Following this opportunity for input, the Board will determine whether to initiate a formal rulemaking process, which will include publication of any proposed rule changes in the New Jersey Register, a public comment period and final adoption of any amended rules.

Any changes or amendments to this schedule will be posted on the Board's website,

The instructions sent via email when you sign up for the list server state:
Enables public comments to N.J.A.C. 14:5-9 Electric Service - Vegetation Management regulations scheduled for publication comment and adoption (Docket #EX07070511), with capability to receive comments from the public and allow these comments to be viewed and responded to by others. Instructions should specify that comments and replies to comments would be allowed for 30 days after posting.

Once you have subscribed, you may submit comments by using your mail client and sending an email to