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You can either work through a broker or hire an auto transport company directly. A couple of


  • Many if not most of the companies are brokers they will list your car in a database that truckers consult to fill up their truck on a given route.
  • You can list a higher price to get your car picked up sooner, but they don't guarantee a pickup or drop off date.
  • I called several auto transport carriers directly and they were $100 to $400 more than going thru an agent for NJ to CA
  • Do not put your information in a multi-quote website (e.g. "find the best price links".)
    You will receive unfavorable email and phones calls by 20 different companies
  • Prepare your vehicle for transport by removing all personal or valuable items. Don't fuel up. Auto carriers prefer you have less than a quarter tank of fue
  • Make sure the carrier inspects your vehicle. At pick-up, the driver should inspect the car for any existing damage with a form called "The Bill of Lading"
  • Contents: all seats must be upright Max 100# in trunk
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Prices for Subaru Crossdtrek from Bridgwater, NJ to Davis, CA

 Transport Specialist... at your Service! MERCURY AUTO TRANSPORT have their own trucks
  Office: 954-239-1780x.23 / Cell-Text: 954-200-4494 Toll Free: 800-553-1828
   limited vehicle selection: no Subaru, no Toyota RAV 4
   Montway Auto Transport   $1,299

   Endrick Auto Transport (347) 231-1193 800-600-3750 $1,295
Contents: all seats must be upright Max 100# in trunk  954-642-0331 $1250

Enclosed carriers can be up to double the cost of open carriers
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5 stars with 131 reviews at Transport Reviews
2 stars with 5 reviews at Yelp

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  Sample Daytona Beach, FL to Thousand Oaks, CA   $1,015 - $1,509
Knickerbocker Auto Transport 5 (42) not a broker $1,552

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