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Optimum TV after my introductory offer expired was $40/mo.

CBS All Access Payment Information - CBS.com $6 w/ commercials $10 w/o commercials

NFL RedZone mobile app - verizon  $1.99/mo.

Amazon Prime - Thursday Night Games - 
CBS All Access $5.99/mo

Hulu with Live TV $39.99/mo
  50+ channels Includes Cloud DVR
PlayStation Vue $39.99/mo
Sling TV 
  Orange package has ESPN 1 and 2                 $20
  Blue Package FOX, FS1, FS2, NBC, and NBCSN live $25
  Both                                            $40
 CBS Not available
Google's YouTube TV  $35/mo
NFL Game Pass (delayed access) $75/yr

DIRECTV NOW (AT&T) - 77 channels
Special 3 mos for $10 Promo code YESNOW3
A&E, ABC, AMC, Animal Planet, AT&T Hello Lab, Audience, AXS TV, Baby First, BabyFirst, BBC America, BBC World News, BET, Bloomberg, Bravo, C-Span, C-Span 2, Cartoon Network, CBS, CMT, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, DC, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, E!, ESPN, Food Network, FOX, FOX Business, FOX News Channel, Freeform, FS1 FOX Sports, Fullscreen, FX, FXX , Galavision, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies, HGTV, History Channel, HLN, ID (Investigation Discovery), Lifetime, MSNBC, MTV, MTV 2, National Geographic, NBC, NBC Sports, Nick, Nick Jr., OAN (One America News), Paramont, Reelz, RFD-TV, Syfy, Taylor Swift NOW, TBS, TCM, Teennick, Telemundo, TLC, TNT, True TV, TV Land, TVone, Univision, USA Network, Velocity, VH1, Viceland, WE TV, Weathernation

What devices and browsers can be used with DIRECTV NOW? – DIRECTV NOW Help Center
DIRECTV NOW $35/mo. (may increase after 13 mos.
Online Streaming TV: 6 Streaming Packages That Will Let You Cut the Cord For Good | Money 6/15
The Best Video Streaming Services of 2017 | PCMag.com 7/17Costs over the Internet:
CBS How to Watch Football (NFL) without Cable TV
The cheapest cord-cutter option is to get an over-the-air antenna (OTA). Your local CBS and Fox TV channels still carry a lot of the games.
Network coverage changes from year to year:
Sunday - FOX, CBS
Sun Night - NBC
Monday - ESPN, ESPN2
  DirectTV Now $35/mo
  SlingTV $20/mo
  NFL Game Pass (delayed) $99/season   PlayStation Vue $40/mo
  If you’re located within either of the two weekly teams’ local broadcast area, you have the option to watch the game as it airs on your local station for free.

Thursday night - CBS, NFLN, Amazon

See TV antennas in products.

Streaming media netflix hulu huluplus BLu-ray comparison - Google Search
10 Living Room Streaming Options Compared 2012 - Streaming Media Magazine
Google Chromecast Review & Rating | PCMag.com 2014
"How to Ditch Your Cable Provider Without Giving Up on TV" - Popular Mechanics, May, 2009
What You Need to Know When Buying a Web-Connected TV | Product Reviews | Wired.com November 23, 2010
"Is it time to cut the cord on cable TV?" USA TODAY 1/3/2011
Searching for the Future of Television MIT Technology review Jan/Feb 2011


Best Streaming Media Player and Service Buying Guide - Consumer Reports 2016
You’ll Need a Speed of at Least 5Mbps This is what you'll want for a high-def stream, and that's only adequate if you are streaming to one device at a time. Most homes will need 10Mbps or more, and the FCC recently updated its definition of broadband to 25Mbps.
You'll need at least 15 to 25Mbps, to stream 4K UHD.

Internet Connection Speed Recommendations | Netflix
5.0 Megabits per second - Recommended for HD quality
25 Megabits per second - Recommended for Ultra HD quality

High Speed Internet Service Provider Deals | Optimum Online
20 MBs 2-4 devices (e.g. computer, HD TV, regular TV, phone)
100 MBs 5-8 devices

What is the bandwidth requirement to stream a 1080p HD movie off a remote server? - Quora
  Broadcast and digital-cable HDTV (called ATSC) can send this at about 16 megabits per second. If you watch an NBC prime-time broadcast, this is basically what you're getting. ATSC uses an older format called MPEG-2.
  A Blu-ray will often use a more efficient format called MPEG-4 part 10, or H.264. This is more computationally demanding but about twice as efficient, meaning you can generally get the same quality with half the bitrate. In practice a Blu-ray film will be at around 25-35 megabits/sec (because why not use the space if you have it?), but if throughput is at a premium, H.264 can go down into single digits of megabits/sec. What is the bandwidth requirement to stream a 1080p HD movie off a remote server? - Quora
See reviews above
Best Streaming Media Player and Service Buying Guide - Consumer Reports
How to Cut the Cord and Get Rid of Cable TV
How to watch the NFL on the internet in 2017 | ZDNet
TV antennas
Video Sources
Digital Media Peer-to_Peer (P2P)
Streaming Media - Online Video News, Trends, and Analysis
Blu-Ray Disk Players
Dual band Wireless-N routers.
See: Wireless Networking bandwidth - configuration
Internet-tv at TVnewsRadio.com
Why the Future of Online Video Is in Serious Trouble [OP-ED]
"Is it time to cut the cord on cable TV?" USA TODAY 1/3/2011
HD Media Player Battlemodo: Apple TV Killers
roku - Gizmodo (11/17/10)
Video Box Battle Royale: Who Should Be Your TV's New Best Friend (9/28/10)
What the hell is going on with TV? - Fortune Tech
Sources for TV Over the Internet | eHow.com
The Top 5 Video Streaming Websites 2012
How To Watch TV Shows Online: Top 10 TV Streaming Sites 2012 - All My Faves 2012
Streaming Wars: Apple TV vs Google, Boxee, Roku, XBox360, PS3 at methodshop 2012
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Tv on the Web - USA TODAY

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