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Optimum TV after my introductory offer expired was $40/mo.

CBS All Access Payment Information - CBS.com $6 w/ commercials $10 w/o commercials

NFL RedZone mobile app - verizon  $1.99/mo.

Amazon Prime - Thursday Night Games - 
CBS All Access $5.99/mo
DirecTV Now
Hulu with Live TV $39.99/mo
PlayStation Vue $39.99/mo
Sling TV 
  Orange package has ESPN 1 and 2                 $20
  Blue Package FOX, FS1, FS2, NBC, and NBCSN live $25
  Both                                            $40
 CBS Not available
Google's YouTube TV  $35/mo
NFL Game Pass (delayed access) $75/yr
Online Streaming TV: 6 Streaming Packages That Will Let You Cut the Cord For Good | Money 6/15
The Best Video Streaming Services of 2017 | PCMag.com 7/17Costs over the Internet:
CBS How to Watch Football (NFL) without Cable TV
The cheapest cord-cutter option is to get an over-the-air antenna (OTA). Your local CBS and Fox TV channels still carry a lot of the games.
Network coverage changes from year to year:
Sunday - FOX, CBS
Sun Night - NBC
Monday - ESPN, ESPN2
  DirectTV Now #35/mo
  SlingTV $20/mo
  NFL Game Pass (delayed) $99/season   PlayStation Vue $40/mo
  If you’re located within either of the two weekly teams’ local broadcast area, you have the option to watch the game as it airs on your local station for free.

Thursday night - CBS, NFLN, Amazon

See TV antennas in products.

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TV antennas
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Digital Media Peer-to_Peer (P2P)
Streaming Media - Online Video News, Trends, and Analysis
Blu-Ray Disk Players
Dual band Wireless-N routers.
See: Wireless Networking bandwidth - configuration
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