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Dial-Around (1010) Plans

Dial-Around Plans allow you to dial around your presubscribed long distance company (the one which is used when you dial 1) and use another long distance carrier. To use these dial the Access Code below, then 1 + area code + number
Customer Service
10-10-220 TelecomUSA (MCI WorldCom)1-800-728-6161
10-10-297Telco Communications Group (Excel)1-800-787-7887
10-10-321TelecomUSA (MCI WorldCom) 1-800-728-6161
10-10-345Lucky Dog (AT&T)1-800-317-2657
10-10-43210-10-432 (Qwest ) 1-877-825-5432
10-10-502Talk Cents (WORLDxCHANGE) 1-800-972-8894
10-10-566 Call Club (Cable & Wireless) 1- 800-486-8686
10-10-811FiveLine (VarTec) 1-800-363-2789
10-16-868PT-1 1-888-660-5377
10-100-56 *10-100-56
* Their web page says it's not available in NJ but it worked when I tried it. Calling Cards Consumer Advice at

Note: The original Carrier Access Codes for AT&T (288), MCI (222, 450) and Sprint (333) will also work as 10-10 numbers (e.g. 10-10-288) but you will be charged "Casual Rates" or surcharges which will make these calls more expensive.

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