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You wonder why conversations about Christianity are taboo in the locker room while almost any other subject is acceptable.

You take polio and flu vaccines, use your iPhones & GPSs, microwaves, let your family members get pacemakers for heart disease, undergo radiation treatments for cancer and then say "scientists don't know what they are doing and are out to discredit religion with crazy theories like evolution," and they are trying to fool people by making up stories about climate change.

When people say that is irrational, you say our minds cannot explain God's plan and your faith allows you to make sense of it.

Then you wonder why people think you are arrogant because you claim to have this gift that they don't, so you know the truth about creation and climate fluctuations, without having to study the facts.

You wonder why they think are you are hippocratics because the Bible taches arrogance is bad.

You oppose healthcare for the poor when the Bible clearly teaches a big part of loving your neighbor is caring for the poor.
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Does your "faith" give you understanding beyond the Bible to know what teachings are or are not to be followed?

You wonder why a majority of Christians are afraid you are turning the religion of their ancestors into a cult (using a broad definition of cult).

Maybe your friends in the locker room want to continue to be your friend and play golf, basketball, tennis with you and are afraid that no real discussion of religion is possible because your "faith" means you have a closed mind.

I pray that the living God will provide you with the gift of wisdom to go along with your gift of faith; failing that he/she will have mercy on your souls.

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