1.  d  The Bible gives no record of their means of travel.
2.  c  Matthew 1:18-24
3.  e  B and C Matthew 1:19; Luke 1:39, 56
4.  d  December 25 was selected late in the 4th century as the day to celebrate
       Christ's birth.
5.  c  Luke 2: 1
6.  c   Luke 2: 13-15
7.  c  Luke 2:10 ("the angel said to them")
8.  d  Luke 2:13-14 (They didn't sing; they said.
         OK, if you picked c we'll give you a point.
9.  e  Luke 2:7 (We aren't told where Jesus was born, only that after His birth
         He was laid in a manger.)
10.  d  The Bible doesn't say anything about animals being present.
11.  c
12.  b  He was fully human as well as fully God.
13.  c  Luke. 2 :2-4
14.  e  None of the above (Three kings are not mentioned in the Bible;
         only Maji (wise men) Kings are mentioned only in songs.) Matt 2:1-2
15.  c   Luke. 2 :12
16.  e  An innkeeper is never mentioned in the Scriptures.
17.  d  The Bible doesn't say how many - only that Magi came bringing gold, frankincense.
         and myrrh (see Matt. 2 :12).
18.  c  Astrologers who dabble in the natural sciences.
19.  b  Matthew 2:11
     1. In those days people often kept their animals on the ground floor and
       lived above.  Joseph was from Bethlehem, so probably had relatives there.
     2. Another theory is the Wise men arrived 2 years later.  
       See Arrival of the Magi  at
20.  c  Matt 1:20-21

Most people only get 12-14 correct. (60-70%)
Source: Stolen from Steve and Ella Pettit in Alachua, Fla. ©Copyright 2003.
American Tract Society (ATS)
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