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I have climbed off and on, but am not an expert in the sport. Here are some people my son and I thought of off the top of our heads.
If you want the real story on who's who, hang out at Camp 4 in Yosemite some summer.

  • John Bachar Established routes in Joshua Tree NP and Yosemite. A fitness nut he was able to perform a two-finger pull-up with 12.5 lbs of weight in his other hand. He died in a free solo accident at Dike Wall near Mammoth Lakes in 2009 at the age of 52.
  • Chris Bonington - Mountaineer and rock climber
  • Katie Brown did a Citi card commerical in 2012 with Alex Hannold on Ancient Art (5.8) near Moab, UT.
  • Tommy Caldwell - Accomplished in several types of climbing, including sport climbing, hard traditional climbing, big-wall speed climbing and big-wall free climbing. In 2005, he and Beth Rodden (swapping leads) made the third and fourth free ascents of the Nose on El Capitan.
  • Yvon Chouinard - Went on to found Patagonia
    His old Great Pacific Iron works catalogues in the 70's were guidebooks for climbing equipment. I have one of his illustrations in my ropes page.
  • Peter Croft - Career includes big routes in Yosemite National Park, Squamish, British Columbia as well as the High Sierra. Wrote several books, the latest "The Good, the Great, and the Awesome: The Top 40 High Sierra Rock Climbs. "
  • Steph Davis - In 2003, Davis became the second woman to free climb El Capitan in one day.
  • Lynn Hill - A top sport climber of the 1980s; famous for making the first free ascent of the Nose Route on El Capitan.
  • Warren Harding, One of the most accomplished and influential American rock climbers of the 1950s to 1970s. First ascent of The Nose (aid) on El Capitan in 1958. Harding authored the book Downward Bound: A Mad! Guide to Rock Climbing. The book contains a description of the ascent of the Nose and the Wall of Early Morning Light (1970) as well as farcical instruction in climbing basics.
  • Alex Honnold Sacramento climber famous for his free soloing exploits on 60 minutes, where he climbed the Chouinard-Herbert route (V 5.11+, 15 pitches) on Sentinel Rock in Yosemite.
    Filming mountain climber Alex Honnold - 60 Minutes Overtime - CBS News
    His "Alone On The Wall" & First Ascent: The Series is available on DVD
    It includes his solo ascents of the Regular Northwest Face (5.12a) of Half Dome.
    Alex Honnold has also
    free soloed The Phoenix (5.13a) in Yosemite National Park.
  • John Long - First one-day ascent of the most sought after rock climb in the world, the 3,000 foot Nose route on El Capitan, on Memorial Day, 1975, with Jim Bridwell and Billy Westbay.
    Long's 1973 ascent of Paisano Overhang (5.12c) at Suicide Rock in Southern California, help firmly establish the 5.12 grade and was then likely the most technically difficult free climb in the world.
    Long has over forty titles varying from Pale Moon: American Indian Folklore and Legends, to short-form literary fiction anthologies, to photos/narrative books on beach culture and big wave surfing. His how-to books on adventure sports have been industry leaders for twenty years.
  • Dave MacLeod , Scottish Climber - In April 2006 he established the climb Rhapsody on Dumbarton Rock, NW of Glasgow which, at a grade of E11 7a, was possibly the hardest traditional climbing route in the world at the time. His film E11, on DVD and Download
  • Peter Mayfield - Former chief guide for the Yosemite Mountaineering School for seven years and competitive climber. Pioneered first ascents on El Capitan and Half dome in the '80's. Founder and General Partner of CityRock Gym in Colorado Springs, the first large urban climbing gym. He now runs the Gateway Mountain Center, which he founded, out of Truckee, CA.
  • Dean Potter - Free climber, alpinist, BASE jumper, BASEliner, and highliner who grew up in New Hampshire. He is noted for hard first ascents, free solo ascents, speed ascents, and enchainments (linked routes) in Yosemite and Patagonia.
  • Royal Robbins - First ascent of th Northwest Face of Half Dome, First grade VI climb in America. With Mike Sherrick and Jerry Gallwas.
    His 1971 book "Basic Rockcraft", is a classic.
  • Beth Rodden - Started at the Rocknasium in Davis, CA. She was the youngest woman to climb 5.14a.
    In 2005, she and Tommy Caldwell (swapping leads) made the third and fourth free ascents of the Nose on El Capitan.
  • Chris Sharma - Santa Cruz, CA - In July 2001, Sharma completed the extension of the established route Biographie in Ceuse, located in the Hautes-Alpes Department of France and renamed it Realization. At the time of the first ascent, Biographie was widely considered to be the first consensus 5.15a (9a+) in the world.

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