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last updated 1 Dec 2020

At Can I pull more G than a fighter pilot?, snowHeads ski forum someone calculated:
The centripetal force necessary to get round a curve is given by F = mv²/r where m is mass, v is velocity and r the radius of curvature. To get the result in terms of "g's" we need to divide by the natural weight of the object which is given by W = mg, where g is the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s²). Therefore the centripetal force measured in g is given by v²/rg. According to this article, a world cup GS skier will make turns of about 25m radius at about 20 m/s (about 45mph). Plugging these values into the formula gives a force of about 1.6 g.

That's consistent with Ted Ligety workout which consiste of a series of squats with 150% of his body weight.

At The Science Behind 7 Winter Olympic Events they say,
"Olympic skiers subject their bodies to as much as 3.5 g's" "Skiers generate enough g's in turns to make a 180-pound athlete--like Ligety--feel like he weighs more than 600 pounds."

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