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last updated 23 Jan 2020


Elastic travel - longer retention and travel before release. - Solomon
Salomon STH2 WTR 16
Marker Jester 16 ID
Low effort step in action in deep snow
Marker Griffon not as easy

binding weight ski evo BC Salomon STH2 WTR 13 2.5 4.5 (19) 5 (8) Marker Griffon 13 2.4/4.3 4.8(91) 4.5 (27) Notes: Salomon and atomic are the same for most SALOMON WARDEN MNC 11 SKI BINDINGS 4.1 lbs #1 wide toe piece along with a mounting pattern which makes it better than traditional bindings to drive wide skis. Does not fit all boots. SALOMON L10 SKI BINDINGS 3.7 lbs #2 Good for lightweight skiers Only alpine boots LOOK SPX 12 DUAL WTR SKI BINDINGS 4.8 lbs Salomon STH2 WTR 16 #1 Ski Din 7-16 STH2 WTR 13 5-13 good for light weight skiing #4 switchback travel (rating lowered because of price increase) Just a good as Marker Griffon 13 #1 2.2 lbs Salomon Shift MNC 13 $599.95 din 6-13 3.9 lbs touring and alpine Ski Bindings DIN Chart | Powder7 ______________________________________ Look Pivot 18 GW Atomic Warden MNC 13 Salomon Warden MNC 13 $269.95

Ski Boot/ Binding Systems
The interface between ski boots and bindings is the single greatest factor in the safety of your ski setup.

There are two ISO (International Standards Association) standards for ski bindings:

ISO 5355 that outlines the specifications for Standard Alpine Soles, the majority of the market use, and will use, these boots for all of the skiing they do.

ISO 9523 is the Standard for Rockered Alpine Touring Soles, most boots in this category have tech binding compatibility and are associated with long backcountry trecks.
There are 3 major implementations of ISO 9523,
MNC (Multi Norm Certified), WTR (Walk to Ride), and GripWalk

ISO 9523 bindings are compatible with both ISO 9523 and ISO 5355 soles
ISO 9523 soles are compatible with MNC, ISO 9523, WTR, and GripWalk (ISO 9523) certified bindings, but not Alpine (ISO 5355) bindings.
However, not all ISO 9523 boots meet the GripWalk or WTR standards, so they won’t work in those bindings.

See Ski-Boot Binding Systems

My 2019-20 Dalbello Panterra 100s came with both 5355 and 9523 soles an a lever to unlock the upper cuff for a long range of motion for skinning or hiking while ski touring.
Due to the unique 3 piece - shell/cuff/tongue - construction it doesn't contain any compromises on the skiing performance.

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