last updated 15 Aug 2022

These are tips I picked up at user groups and from friends.
Very cursory.

Microsoft Office like freeware

Photo Editor

Photo Books and prints

Vector Graphic drawing
Affinity Designer

pdf editor
Preview (much better than Adobe Acrobat reader)

Old 2004 notes.

(rating out of 5)
Default Folder X, Screen catcher, ...
DiskWarrior (4.5)
QuickKeys (4)
Prices Jan. 2004
Prod. CDW* ClubMac Mac
MacMall ‡ Mac Zone
MS Office 370 350 340 350 340
Rank 4 3 1 3 1
Filemaker 240 225 230 225 275
Rank 4 1 3 1 5
Dreamweaver 400 400 400 400
Norton Util 45 50 45 48
DiskWarrior 80 80 75
* CDW Was MacWarehouse
¡ - MacMall is the same company as ClubMac now but still had separate catalogues a/o Jan. 2004

Consumer Reports Ratings Aug., 2006: Amazon (90), MacConnection (90), CDW (87), MacMall (84)
Forum recommendation: OWC for assorted parts, upgrades and accessories (great external HDs), SmallDog for systems or peripherals, especially if you are in New England. (SmallDog often has decent pre-packaged setups).
See Computer Store Ratings


See HardDrives for external HD prices.

Recommended by a UK Mac Guide Mag. 8/2011
Libre Office
Deja Vu
Fast Scripts (applescript, shell, pearl)
Cloud Pull (sync google cal, docs, contacts)

Tucows downloads
Versiontracker OS X Sftwr.

Mac Software Info.
mactopia at Microsoft Mac Windows Integration

General Electronics/Computing sies

Microsoft Windows on a Mac OS X
Web Development


OCR software

Q: Can anyone recommend a good money management software for Mac, a la Quicken?
Seems that most Quicken for Mac users are disappointed.
A: My accountant uses QuickBooks for PC, so I bought Parallels Desktop and QB/PC for compatibility.
QB is a heavy-duty accounting program which is good for tracking expenses in multiple
accounts (checking, credit card, mortgage) by category and date; 
I understand that it does not track stocks as well as Quicken. My accountant does not
recommend QB/Mac, since accountants use a PC and it is difficult to convert files back
and forth (accountant-client and PC-Mac).

Utilities see tech/mac/utilities