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Home Control Systems w/ Computer Interface


HomeVisiona Interactive Intelligent Home Control $599 (5)
Houselinc by Smartlinc (2)
Ocelot by Applied Digital  (ADI) $160(4)
X-10® Pro Home Automation Interface (Model CM11A) has macros, but limited memory
   so can't control many devices. $38
HCS-II  (Home Control System) by CCC $299
Stargate $950

HomeSeer Software to program CM11A, read email, provide remote access $135
Commander-X. There is a Shareware http://www.commander-x.com/
HomeSeer, the best home automation software on the market 
	Rover : my complete, compatible, compact web interface to HomeSeer 

Always Thinking Mac OSX

There are two main standards for home control: ZigBee, which is actually a ratified standard, and Z-Wave, which was created and is controlled by Zensys. As much as we'd like to give the nod to the standards product, Z-Wave has a lead in the number of vendors making products that support it, including light-switch giant Leviton), and also those products are less expensive than the ZigBee versions.

Both systems are RF (radio-frequency) based, meaning do-it-yourselfers won't have to run control wiring or worry about powerline interference, as they would with X10. And both technologies use mesh communication, meaning as long as a switch or a control unit in your house can communicate with just one other unit, it will work on your network. This is especially important because both ZigBee and Z-Wave use cheap, low-power radios, with a maximum range of only a few dozen feet.

Companies - Products:
For the best in lighting control Savant provides excellent intelligent lighting solutions for residential and commercial lighting needs iPhone - iPad control
Control4 | Press Releases | Archive | Control4 Announces New Panelized Lighting Solution

Ocelot Tech:X10-PLC
PCS - Powerline Control Systems Inc
iLight Products
Leviton's Vezia RF+
Simply Automated -- PC-Configured Products
HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) LiteTouch


EH - Electronic House

IoT - Internet of Things
PLC - Power Line Carrier - Digital data is encoded and transmitted over your electrical wiring
 to devices plugged in or wall switches. 
PCS - Powerline Control Systems Inc
UPB - Universal powerline bus

X10 - X10 PLC protocol and devices

On-line catalogues:

Voice activated Assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home)

About UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) Technology - SmartHomeUSA.com
Neil Cherry's presentation at TCF 2008 www.linuxha.com/Presentations/TCF/index.html
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Simply Automated -- Home Automation Made Simple

X10 DEBUGGING TIPS : csi3.com
CP000 - Passive Coupler
Light Bulb Size/Shape

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