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Refinishers and Restorers
These products are basically thick paint that fills cracks in old decks to save you the expense of refinishing them.

  • These products are basically thick paint.
  • These products have traditionally had problems with peeling.
    The manufacturers blame in on surface preparation.
  • Most samples show it over bear wood.
  • The Lowe's paint representative said the surface needs to pass the Drop-on Bead Test. A drop of water will not bead up when dropped on the surface. Otherwise the coating will not adhere well.
  • Most require the temperature to be over 50 deg. for 24 hrs or longer.
  • They are almost imposible to remove.
xx/5 (yy): xx= customer review score out of 5, yy = number of reviews at

  • Behr DeckOver 2.7/5(37)
    They recommend stripping old paint.
  • Olympic Rescue It® 2.2/5 (37)
    $100 to cover 225 sq ft.
  • Rust-oleum Restore 4X (4 times a thick as traditional coatings)
    - Peeling problems.
  • Rust-oleum Restore 10X (10 times a thick as traditional coatings) 2.0/5 (19)
    $69 for roughly 2.5 gal. to cover 120 sf with 2 coats.
    They recommend either stripping the old paint or applying their primer.
    Very difficult to apply. Requires a special roller.
  • Gacoshield $70/gal
  • Superdeck's elastomeric

  • Behr Deckover or Rustoleum Restore - reviews / thoughts?
    Deckover and Restore were both fairly new, almost all of the online reviews were very positive, written by people who had just done their decks and were pleased with the results. Now that winter has come and gone, it seems that about half the reviews are by people saying that the stuff is peeling even though they followed the instructions.

Regular Paint:
Some of Consumer Reports recommendations
Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior (Home Depot) Clark + Kensington Exterior (Ace) Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Valspar DuraMax Exterior (Lowe's)
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