last updated 11 May 2019

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Weight Should be less than 10 lbs, 6-8 empty is best.
Maximum size: 9x14x22 inches.

4 Wheels vs. 2 Wheels
The standard 2 wheel suitcase is for those who don’t mind pulling a suitcase behind them. These types of carry-on bag tends to be cheaper and often have more internal space.

Personally, we think 4 wheeled suitcases are the new standard. Four wheel bags, sometimes called “spinner” suitcases, have the flexibility to push the luggage upright as the wheels are multi-directional and give you full control to turn in any direction.

Hard Luggage vs. Soft Luggage:

This is more a matter of personal preference. Soft carry-on luggage allows you to really maximize storage and squeeze in that extra inch of room. Typically there’s an outer pocket where I store papers and odds and ends. Soft suitcases tend to be heavier but hold up better to wear and tear.

Hard carry on luggage is sleeker and has a more distinctive, luxurious look. Thin polycarbonate hardcases can often be lighter, but in my experience, scratch easily. 

Whichever you choose, make sure there are plenty of internal pockets for organization.

If you always seem to be forced to gate check, you may want to opt for a soft-sided bag. They generally hold up best to wear and tear, though hard-shell bags are adopting more aesthetically durable materials as their popularity grows. Hardside luggage is generally a little more protective of what's inside, while softside bags may allow you to squeeze in an extra bit of baggage for the way home because the fabric has that added give.

Carry-on Backpack vs. Carry-on Suitcase

If you tend to over-pack, a carry-on suitcase, which is larger and has more room will be best.

Travel backpacks will always fit under the seat and typically have tons of compartments and pockets for all your travel accessories. This choice is personal preference!

TSA Lock - Allows TSA to open the bag when it is locked.
You only need to lock your bag if your are carrying firearms.
Hardside 2 wheel:
Traveler's Choice Rome 21" Hardside Rolling Carry-On -