Dr. Ana Baptista, Ironbound Community Corp. www.ironboundcc.org/; (also NJDEP EJAC), "Ana BAPTISTA" abaptista@ironboundcc.org,

Valorie Caffee (Chairperson NJDEP EJ Advisory Council); Director of Organizing, NJ Work Environment Council; "Valorie Caffee" vcaffee@njwec.org,

Kim Thompson-Gaddy, chair Newark Environmental Commission; Environmental Justice and North Jersey Organizer; New Jersey Environmental Federation, NJDEP EJAC; "kim gaddy" kimgaddy111@gmail.com,

Tracy Carluccio, Delaware Riverkeeper

Edison Wetlands ED Bob Spiegel

Jim Walsh Eastern Region Director for Food & Water Watch

Randall Solomon, Program Director, New Jersey Sustainable State Institute sustainabilityscience.org/content.html?contentid=399; si.pages.tcnj.edu/about-si/meet-our-staff/; "Randall Solomon" solomonr@tcnj.edu,

Rich Dovey, Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA)

Republican Legislators

State Senator Kip Bateman

Congressman - Chris Smith lifetime LCV score 70%

Jean Clark and Mary Sheil started recycling in NJ
  EnviroPolitics interview

Dave Pringle of NJ Environmental Federation (NJEF) 

Maybe even Captain Joel Fogel of WaterWatch International

Thanks to Barbara Conover for this list.

John Weber, Northeast Regional Manager, Surfrider Foundation

Robert Westreich, Esq. (Defender of our First Amendment right to canvass neighborhoods throughout the state for over 20 years).

NJ Governors records: Source: "Governors in Review" - New Jersey Sierran Jan-Mar 2012 By Dick Colby and Jeff Tittel.
Years Governor Party Achievements Blunders/Disasters
1954-1961 Robert Meyner Dem Green Acres program
1962-1969 Richard Hughes Dem Skylands report (calling for Preservation)
1970-1973 William Cahill Rep Creation of the DEP, Meadowlands, CAFRA, Clean Air & Water Acts
1974-1981 Brendan Byrne Dem Pinelands legislation, Stopped I-95, Pollution Control Act, Spill Act, D&R Canal
1982-1989 Thomas Kean Rep State Plan, Right to Know Legislation, Wetlands protection, Pollution prevention
Catatrophe Prevention Act
I-78 & I-287, Incinerators, Sold watersheds, Removed Walkill River's Protective upgrade
1990-1993 James Florio Dem CAFRA-2, Clean air, ECRA, Toxics legislation, Nominated Wallkill River for Logan Twp coal plant
Clean Water enforcement, Watershed moratorium, Water Quality Act,
Protective Upgrade Permit Extension
Bad DEP appointments,
1994-2000 Christine Todd Whitman Rep Million acres of Open Space, Cancelled bear hunt Pension fund scandal, DEP enforcement cut 80%, Removed Wallkill from protective upgrade, Permit Extension Act, ISRA
(weakened toxic cleanups), Ended trip-reduction efforts
2001 (4 acting governors) Donald DiFrancesco - (Rep): Private well-testing
2002-2004 James McGreevy Dem Highlands legislation, 300' buffers,
C1 stream protection, Stormwater regs,Restored park funding, Renewable
Portfolio standard (22.5%)
En-Cap scandal, Xanadu scandal, Fast Track Bill
2005 (Acting Gov. Codey) Dem Added 400 miles of C1 streams including Shark River, Stoped Fast Track
2006-2009 Jon Corzine Dem Energy Master Plan, RGGI,
Global Warming Response Act
Water Quality Planning Act
Pension fund scandal
Tried to close state parks
Privatize toxic cleanups, Cut DEP budget
Removed Wallkill from upgrade, Delay Water Quality Plans, Widen Turnpike & Parkway,
Permit Extension Act
2010- Chris Christie Rep Opposed Delaware River deepening Withdrew from RGGI, Licensed Site Professionals,
Degraded Energy Master Plan, Park privatization,
Weakened clean water regs, Limited state standards to
federal standards, Waive all regs,Subsidized Xanadu,
Weakened Beach Access Rules,
Vetoed Fracking Prevention Bill, Veoted Barngeat Bay TMDLs Bill, Permit Extension Act, Bad Streamlining Bill,
Overall weakening of environmental regulations
List from Dick Colby

Sen. Bill Bradley and Congressman Bill Hughes brought Wild & Scenic status to the Great Egg Harbor River.

Candy Ashmun and others who founded Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions. (ANJEC)

Sally Brecht Price Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) founder

Frank Oliver New Jersey Environmental Lobby (NJEL)

The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association

Fred Akers for Great Egg Harbor Watershed Association (GEHWA)

Ella Philippone (1934-2013) for the Passaic River Passaic River Coalition. The pioneering environmental advocate and preservationist who founded the Passaic River Coalition.

Derry Bennett and Tim Dillingham for American Littoral Society (ALS) Littoral = "close to shore"

Cindy Zipf and Heather Saffert of Clean Ocean Action

NJ Sierra Club:
Ian Walker and Diane Graves -

Mary Penny and her friend who got the D&R Canal saved and torpedoed the Mercer County Incinerator

Tina Schvejda ED Meadowlands Conservation Trust

NJ Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel

Greg Auriemma chairman of the Ocean County Group of the Sierra Club,
was honored at the White House in 2013 as a "Champion of Change" for working to help his community prepare for consequences of a changing climate.

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