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Annual Meeting - Program and Cherry Pie - Washington's Birthday - Feb. 22
Fourth of July Patriotic Exercises

Camp Middlebrook
Washington Campground Plaque A 20 acre park at 1761 Middlebrook Rd., east of Vosseller Ave. is operated by the Washington Campground Association. It commemorates the encampment of the fledging American Army in the area from May 28 to July 2, 1777 and again from December 1778 to June 1779.
Some think it may be the first place where the new 13 star flag was first flown in 1777.

Legend has it (I've got to see if I can find the deed) that the land was donated to the Washington Camp Ground Assn. on the condition that the Declaration of Independence be read every 4th of July, or the land would revert to the heirs of the LaMonte family who donated it. This has occurred for 117 consecutive years.
In 1907 more than 2,000 marched in a parade from Bound Brook to the campground to celebrate Independence Day. What made that parade so memorable was that it was the first reported parade in the United States that included a procession of automobiles.

Washington Campground Association Flag Raising Washington Campground Association Flag Plaque

The ceremony starts with retiring the flag which has flown over the park for the last year and raising a new one.

Washington Campground Association Declaration of Independence Fourth of July Patriotic Exercises
Location: 1761 Middlebrook Rd., Bound Brook, NJ (See map below)

The annual ceremony includes (times are approximate):
10 AM Bring lawn chairs and listen to patriotic music
10:30 Welcome & changing of the flag
10:40 March to East Grove stage
10:45 Introduction of dignitaries
10:55 Reading of the Declaration of Independence
11:05 Keynote Speaker
11:15 An historical address
11:30 Benediction

Washington Campground Flag Many prominent political figures, including Millicent Fenwick, U.S. House of Representatives from New Jersey's 5th district, 1983-1987, have attended the ceremony.
Many local residents have supported the association over the years. The Haelig family have been members for at least four generations, John Sr., and John Jr. have served as officers for many years. Herbert Patullo, a local businessman, and Kels Swan, a historian, also have a long time association with the group.
There is also an annual meeting on Washington's Birthday, February 22 with a business meeting, buffet, talk and Cherry pie and cobbler.

Annual Meeting - Program and Buffet Dinner
Washington's Birthday - Feb. 22
Open to the public
Location: Someplace in Bound Brook or Bridgewater
6 PM Monday, Feburary 22
Somerville Elks Lodge, 375 Union Ave, Bridgewater, NJ

Monday Feburary 22, 2016.
6:00 PM - Seating - Music
6:30 PM - Welcome, Business Meeting (election of officers, ...)
7:00 PM - Entertainment 18th Century songs by "Spiced Punch"
7:30 PM - Dinner Buffet & Desert
8:00 PM - Historical Talk

Dinner: $20 members, $25 non-members
  payable to WCGA

 President:          Lieutenant Colonel Robert Frazen
                     US Army Retired, 732 560-5880
 1st Vice President: Richard Shive 732 469-2682
 2nd Vice President: Jamie Schleck
 3rd Vice President: John Haelig, Jr.
 Secretary:           Richard Shive
 Treasurer:           Phil Schuyler - 732 469-6453
 Historian:           Kels Swan
Campground Assn Membership 501(c)3 Deductible Contribution
$10 - individual, $15 - family
To: Phil Schuyler
913 West Meadow Drive
Bound Brook, NJ 08805

Some images from Zeete photos.
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