See Climbing for more pictures.
These are several different observation points along a 150 ft area of the 20 foot cliff.

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mcbride rock

mcbride's rock, david mcritchie, don mcbride
David McRitchie and Me. (David helped clean up the site)

After vine removal before log and shrub removal.

After cleanup

My arms and legs were a mess after removing thorny invasive Japanese Barberrys

View from trail below. Before               After cleanup

Looking along the face

   View with sign                   Trail near cliff along top.  I filled in a 3' crevice 
Sign lasted 3 months Aug 20, 2018     to the right of the rock on the left, 
 to end of November.                  so you could go straight across
 It was driven in 10-12 inches         without going around.
 so it didn't blow over.

Looking down - Trail below is just beyond vegetation at the bottom/
View south towards New Brunswick                            

SE Face Middle Wall         Trail Below.

Don's Cutover.
A trail I made from Miller Lane toward McBride's rock, so you didn't have to walk down the narrow Vosseller Ave.
I had tried to find a good route, but kept running into barberry stands,
so went out one winter and looked for deer tracks in the snow.
The next spring I cleared some low hanging vines and small fallen trees.
The mountain bikers started using it and now they along with the park service maintain the trail.

Case for McBride Rock:
Rock formations look more like Lossing's drawings.
It is a higher location (375') vs the chimney rock location (315'). Closer to the road thru Wayne's gap (Vosseller Ave.)
Provides a better view thru Wayne's gap.
That is where General Wayne's Brigade was camped.

I walked below the ridge for 1/4 mile on either side of Vosseller Ave and didn't see any better location.

Neither location has a view of the valley in the background to the right when looking across the rock face like the sketch.

Field of view from Vosseller Ave Rock (B)

Note: You can move about 100 yards down the ridge to get a view of Sandy Hook in the winter when there are no leaves.
The field of view is for the winter when there are no leaves. We assume Washington's army with nothing to do, would have cut down any trees blocking the view.

Note: The only place where you can see the valley below when looking across the rock face is at the first picture above in "View along rock face", but the cliff is on the right. I think Lossing took a little license in the illustration.

last updated 15 May 2018