NE New Jersey Washington Campground Assn. Herb Patullo
Herb Patullo is a local businessman and leader in local cultural organizations. Activities include the Washington Campground Association leadership, the Somerset County Cultural and Heritage Advisory Committee, the American Legion and Chamber of Commerce.

Herb was born on the day President Herbert Hoover was inaugurated, so his parents named him after the new president.
Herb lived his entire life in Bound Brook.
He served in the Navy from 1948 to 1952 on the USS Ware, a destroyer.
He ran Patullo's Resturant on Vosseller Ave (Now Madeline's) known for it's greenhouse, for decades.
It started as a tavern at the site of his parents grocery store. He was legendary for serving the coldest beer and juiciest hamburger, appropriately called the "Herbie Burger"

Patullo, who will turn 88 in 2017, retired from the restaurant in 2000, but he wants to return to the business by opening a small restaurant, "Herbies," on Talmage Avenue just a few doors away from the Westbrook Bar and Restaurant.

He still lives off of Miller Lane in Martinsville, where he has a small museum with Revolutionary War memorabilia, called the Eagles Nest.
He is an astute local historian with a prolific knowledge of the history of the Bound Brook area and the Middlebrook Encampment. As a child his father instilled in him an awareness that their town and the heights above it provided the setting for many critical events during the American Revolution. This awareness led to his lifelong interest and efforts to preserve the historic encampment site from desecration by commercial and residential development.

In the early 1970s the property around his home today, was offered for sale and was occupied by a single dilapidated building that housed a county home for the indigent. Herb Patullo became worried that encroaching commercial and residential development would soon envelop the historic place. When the county home was closed in 1974, he purchased the building and the three acre lot on which it stood. Later, in 1988, he acquired the entire 40 acres along the ridge between Chimney Rock Road and Vosselor Avenue. This large swath covered the entire hilltop of the Revolutionary War campsite. He built his home on the site 12 years later and eventually sold most of the property back to Somerset County. The county added the historic land to the adjoining Washington Valley Park in 1994.

The Eagle's Nest Museum is open to the public and houses a modest eclectic collection of historic memorabilia as well as items from Patullo’s personal life as a Machinists Mate in the US Navy during the Korean War. Two original paintings, by local artist Victor Temporra, are on display, which portray scenes of the camp during the time it was occupied by Washington’s Army. Many of the details depicted in the paintings were provided by Patullo. The museum is open to the public. Visitors are attracted by the enthralling view from the premises. Now a new attraction will be added. Herb Patullo plans to construct a causeway to the nearby rediscovered Middlebrook Washington Rock.

Herb Patullo at the Eagles Nest - Photo by Robert A. Mayers, 2017

"Herb Patullo to Serve as 2017 Basilone Parade Grand Marshall" |, June 2017
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Transcript of Bob Mayers, new book "The Forgotten American Revolution in New Jersey", to be out in 2018, which tells the history of the area around Middlebrook Heights.

"Retired Patullo's owner wants to open new restaurant in Bound Brook" |, Feb. 2017

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