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Cocktail and Bar Measurements
TermAmount (Imperial)
Shot or jigger1 1/2 oz
Standard drink (US)0.6 oz (1.2 tbsp)
of pure alcohol.
1.5 oz of 80 proof liquor.
Pony shot1 oz
Wine Glass4 oz
Gill4 oz
miniature (nip)2 oz
Split (1/4 btl)6 oz
Cup or Half pint (US)8 oz
Half pint (UK)9.6 oz
Gallon128 oz
Magnum (2 btls)52 oz
Quart1/4 gallon or 32 oz
Fifth ~ 757 ml1/5 gallon or ~26 oz
Tablespoon (tbsp.)1/2 oz
Teaspoon1/6 oz
Dram1/8 oz
Barspoon1/2 tsp (1/12 oz)
Splash1/8 oz *
Dash1/3 tsp (1/18 oz)- 1/32 oz *
* A splash is a little more than a dash, and generally involves less viscous liquids such as mixers, whereas dashes are used with stronger flavourings, such as tabasco.
1 1/2 oz = 4.5 cL
100ml = 3.38 oz Source: BarGeek.com, DrinksMixer.com & Cocktail and Bar Measurements - DrinkNation.com

In the United States a standard drink is defined as 0.6 fluid ounces (14 grams) of pure alcohol. This means that a

  • 5-ounce glass of wine (12% alcohol by volume)
  • 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits (40% alcohol by volume)
  • 12-ounce can of beer (5% alcohol by volume)
all contain the same amount of alcohol.
Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram or 98 calories per standard drink.
Liquors with added sugar have more calories, typically 100-110 Calories per oz.
Collins Glass Martini Highball Lowball Wine Champagne Flute

ABV - Alcohol by volume
ATF Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
BATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
Neat - An unmixed drink, no ice.
On the Rocks - Served on ice.
Proof - twice the alcohol content. e.g. 80 proof liquor is 40% alcohol.
Straight Up - A drink served neat and without ice.
See Bar Terms at BarGeek.com

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