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The orange V-Block can be pushed out and rotated so the proper cable type is alligned with the arrow.

I couldn't find any consistent color coding for these.
The RG-6 connectors in the connector and tool combination package I ordered did not fit over quad shielded coax.
There are universal RG-6 Connectors which are good for all Braid types from 60% to Quad Shielded Cables. There are connectors labeled as outdoor for DIRECTV.

The biggest advantage of the ferrule-less design is the cable fit. The inner dimensions are very forgiving of cable deviations from different constructions.
Universal - Works on all Braid types from 60% to Quad Shielded Cables.
Self-Locking technology ensures connectors remain properly tightened.

labeled end

Adjusting distance between blades. (2) Insulation Stripper HT-332 - blades adjustment - YouTube Links:
How to Terminate Coaxial Cable: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to DIY Coaxial cable stripper with 2 blades - YouTube

last updated 4 May 2017