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Use hydrogen peroxide on wine, cola stains on carpets.
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Vinyl Patio Furniture:
Use a sponge or soft bristle brush Dish Soap in lukewarm water Casual Clean Use a mild cleaner/degreaser such as Fantastic, 409 or Simple Green Mr. Clean Eraser. Oxyclean Three parts water to one part ammonia. Do NOT use bleach. It will cause it to fade and dry out. Walls: Try one of the versions of melamine-foam-based white sponges (“Magic Eraser” is one brand) Flat paint: Be sure not to overdo cleaning by rubbing to hard or using scrubbing brushes to remove stains and dirt. See: Cleaning Flat Painted Walls - Interior House Painting Wood Cabinets FLoors:
Do not use Murphy’s on your hardwood floors or your wood furniture. Just don’t. If you are confused as to why, just look at the label. This is soap, made from oil. Oil that does not mix entirely with water (because its in soap, not detergent or solvent) So whenever you use soap (and I’ve ranted against soap use in the shower/bath) you leave behind a kind of weird sort of oily residue that may or may not also contain dirt. Source: Cleaning Lady
Use as little moisture as possible because that is what dulls the finish and can possibly damage your floors. 
Clean the screen or your phone, tablet, computer, lenses or glasses
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