LDP (Leak Detection Pump) test must pass first. If the PCM suspects a pinched hose it will not set a fault until it runs the EVAP purge flow monitor. If the purge monitor does not pass then the pinched hose fault will be set.

Purge hose plugged from LDP to canister
Purge hose plugged from solenoid to EVAP canister
Purge hose plugged from tank to canister
Vacuum line obstructed from purge solenoid to throttle body
Evaporative canister

2003 TJ - Evaporative canister is behind the rear passenger side plastic inner fender.

2002 TJ - The evaporative (EVAP) canister is located in the engine compartment on the left inner fender.

2002 jeep wrangler 6 cylinder: Evap Canister - Fixya
I had low coolant and and when I refilled it this code went away.
Maybe a coincidence. I can't understand the connection.

last updated 3 Feb 2015