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I just listed my home and had a lot of problems with their web site,
So started documenting some things I needed to know.

Vacation Rentals, Homes, Experiences & Places - Airbnb.com
Contact: (855) 424-7262
How to Contact Airbnb - Customer Service Number | Airbnb Help Center

Airbnb - Wikipedia
Your Listings - (www.airbnb.com/rooms)
Instant Book is a setting that lets guests who meet your requirements 
automatically book your space without you having to respond to their reservation request.

If you want guests with only positive reviews:
As an Instant Book host, you can allow only guests who’ve traveled on Airbnb and
 are recommended by other hosts.
 If you’re uncomfortable with a reservation, you can cancel penalty-free online, anytime.
Learn how to turn Instant Book on or edit your Instant Book settings: 
How do I turn Instant Book on or off? | Airbnb Help Center

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last updated 4 Oct 2017