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Other Guidelines/frequencies with special uses to avoid:
Do not use FM simplex on frequencies below 144.400
Don't use Satelite (Space Station) frequencies 145.80-146.0 (145.80 is the default downlink). as well as 435.00-438.00 MHz
R.A.C.E.S. (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) 146.44, 147.40
Local A.R.E.S. (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) Groups:

New Jersey | Lake Tahoe Area

Standard Repeater Input/Output Offsets For 2 m as a general rule, if the output frequency (transmit) of the repeater is below 147 Mhz, then the input frequency (listening) is 600 kilohertz lower. This is referred to as a negative offset. If the output is 147 Mhz or above, then the input is 600 kilohertz above. This is referred to as a positive offset.

+' or 'plus' for an input frequency above the output frequency.
'-' or 'minus' for a lower frequency

Band             Offset

6 meters           1 MHz
2 meters         600 kHz
1.25 meters      1.6 MHz
70 cm              5 MHz
33 cm             12 MHz

PL or CTCSS Tone
PL, an acronym for Private Line, is Motorola's proprietary name for a communications industry signaling scheme called the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System, or CTCSS. It is used to prevent a repeater from responding to unwanted signals or interference.
New Jersey:
N2FFL's Repeater Directory for New Jersey
List at ArtSciPub.com

Some Central Jersey Repeaters:
Location Output Input CTCSS/
Call Sponsor
Bridgewater, Somerset 147.135 + 151.4 WJ2DX
Green Brook, Somerset
146.625 146.025 141.3 W2QW Raritan Vly
Green Brook, Somerset 146.940 146.340 141.3 K2ETS ETS OF NJ
Whippany, Morris 147.030 147.630 151.4 W2TW Whippany ARC
Murray Hill, Union 147.255 147.855 141.3 W2LI Tri-Cnty ARA
Cherryville, Hunterdon 147.375 147.975 151.4 WB2NQV Cheryville Repeater W2CRA
Washington, Warren 146.820 - 110.9 W2SJT PJARC
Lawrenceville, Mercer 146.460 +1 MHz 131.8 N2RE Sarnoff RC
Mt. Kipp, Hunderdon 147.015 + 151.4 WB2NQV W2CRA system
West Paterson, Passaic 146.610 - 151.4 W2FCL
West Paterson, Passaic 147.345 + 141.3 WA2HYO W2NJR system (future)
Morristown, Morris 145.370 - 151.4 NO2EL
West Orange, Essex 146.415 - 85.4 WA2JSB
West Orange, Essex 146.150   85.4  
West Orange, Essex 147.285   141.3  
Repeaters in the Tahoe Area Calif:
Tahoe Area Repeaters
Band Repeaters
10 meter 1
6 meter 2
2 meter 15
1.25 meter 5
70-cm 22
25-cm 5
Note: Some of the repeaters may only be active during search and rescue operations.

How to Use Amateur (Ham Radio) Repeaters- A New Ham's Guide to Repeaters

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