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Sleep Problems in the Elderly
Web sites include the American Sleep Disorders Association (,
 the National Sleep Foundation (
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A short afternoon nap (<30 min.) improves alertness in the afternoon.
Afternoon alertness was better than morning alertness after a nap and
worse if they took no nap.
Some say you can nap for up to 1 hour.
Source: Horoshima Univ Study. Tamaki, Shirota, Hayashi, Hori Students who took a 15 min. nap after lunch had fewer errors on a logical reasoning test and were more alert compared to when they did not nap. However, memory test scores were only slightly better. Source: Takahashi, M. and Arito, H., Maintenance of alertness and performance by a brief nap after lunch under prior sleep deficit, Sleep, 23:813-819, 2000. Summary at
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