Hi everyone,

Attached is the trip Roster (not posted on the Internet for privacy), there were a couple changes in the past week but with less then 4 weeks to go I'm fairly sure this is final. (Penny Pan, our trainee, isn't on the roster, I asked to have her added but don't want to wait any longer to send this out.)

With so many of you from northern California and the Bay area it looks like carpooling might be a good option for some of you. As a reminder, due to insurance regulations, trip leaders are unable to arrange carpools but I encourage you to consider it if practical.

For directions to the lodge see:
Local directions donsnotes.com/ctl/#directions
Directions from the West (Bay Area) and South (US-395) donsnotes.com/ctl/directions.html

The official start of the trip is 5pm on Sunday, July 14, when we'll meet as a group for introductions and some very general information about the week. I suggest you get to the lodge an hour or two before then so you have time to get settled in before we meet. If for some reason you will not be there in time for the 5pm meeting, please let me know. Dinner is at 6pm and after that, around 7:30-8pm we'll have a longer orientation to the week and what we'll be doing. At this time, I expect to follow the itinerary as published in the brochure, if something changes in the meantime I'll let you know.

Don, Penny and I are all arriving at the lodge on July 11 to do some scouting of the trails we'll be using and other final trip prep.

Please let me know if you have any questions,
612.205.5978 saelsner@yahoo.com

last updated 20 June 2013