Tahoe Area Map, Sacramento, Reno, Auburn, Truckee, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Tahoe City, Hwy 80, Hwy 89
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From I-5 and I-80 Sacramento
I-80 E                                 86.5 mi
Exit 174 Soda Springs - Donner Pass Rd. 2.4 mi
CTL parking on right and left
0.1 mi on the left is a road to the Cal Lodge
You can go past the Cal Lodge to the end of
the road to drop off your luggage and avoid 
the steep walk up from Donner Pass Rd.
Sacramento Airport 98 mi  1 hr 35 min
Berkeley 167 mi 2 hr 45 min
I-80 Sierra Nevada notes
Mass transit from the Bay area: 
See construction notices at the DOT
From the South on US-395
 US-395 N toward Carson City, NV
Turn left at US-50 toward L. Tahoe   9.8 mi
Turn right at NV-28                 16.2 mi
Continue on CA-28   1.7 mi past Calif. border
Turn right at CA-267/North Shore Rd  11.8 mi
Turn left to merge onto I-80 W toward Sacramento 13.4 mi
Exit 174 Soda Springs - East on Donner Pass Rd. 2.4 mi
[Going via South Lake Tahoe US-50, Hwy-89 adds 30 min.]

From Southern California
Take I-5 North to Sacramento
From Reno Airport
US-395 N      2.4 mi.
I-80 West    45.7 mi.
Exit 174 
 Soda Springs 2.4 mi

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last updated 4 Aug 2009