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    So why has four months of aggressive "rate cutting" by the Fed increased the monthly payment on a 30-year, $125,000 mortgage by $30? Because people in capital markets know that to cut short-term interest rates by 2.5 percentage points in 20 weeks, the Fed has to crank out considerably more new money. Creating new money, if taken too far, usually increases inflation in the longer run.

    Banks making short-term business loans at the prime rate don't have to worry about that. So the prime can drop. But people with money to lend long term, as in making home mortgages or by buying 30-year bonds, are much more vulnerable to inflation. When the Fed revs up its printing press, they instinctively pull back and will lend only if long-term rates rise enough to compensate them for the increased inflation risk.
    Prime Rate	4.25
    30 Year T-Bond	5.01
    10 Year T-Note	4.11
    91 Day T-Bill	1.19
    Fed Funds	1.25
    LIBOR 3 Month	1.41
    Mortgage Rate 30 Year	6.16
    Last updated AUg, 2012