SHIWO (She Whoa!)

SHIWO (She Whoa!) is a nickname for my best friend. It was private until it got outed in 2017.
I decided to share it here for other friends who know her.

What is SHIWO?
Smart/Sexy/Sporty/Sensitive/Sincere/Spiritual …, Handy, Iron WOman. The O in woman was included so you could pronounce it, "She Whoa!"

S - Started out as a single word but evolved to the list above.
These are obvious to people who know her, however I have to expand on "Smart"
After working with her on a variety of projects around our houses and sharing some joys and concerns in our lives I've learned that smart is not just some encyclopedic knowledge of a bunch of facts, but includes super analytical skills, ingenuity and practicality in a variety of areas from home projects to relationships. Wise.

Handy - The only woman I know who will crawl under her sink with a pipe wrench and finish the plumbing job when her helper gets a sore back.
Yep, I'm a sexist. Women can make just as good plumbers as men, but in my limited experience most would prefer to patronize men by letting them show off their prowess with tools. :-)
She also does electrical work and other handy woman jobs.
She frequently comes up with innovative ways to solve household problems. She should have been an engineer.

Iron WOman
I decided to start rating her exploits on a scale from 1-5. I am only listing threes and above.

Cajoles her running partner into going out at 10:30 PM to run/walk 4 miles in the ice and snow, so we won’t get off our training schedule.

In 2015 SHIWO, her daughter and sister finished the Savannah half marathon in record heat and humidity in the high 90's pushing the heat index into the 90's. One runner died. Kayla had a career best in a time we all would have envied even in good weather.

2016 was a year that would have driven many people to drink. SHIWO was hit with the loss of her job and a series of family catastrophes, that were particularly upsetting because of the closeness of her family. She maintained a stiff upper lip throughout and was pilar of strength for her kids, demonstrating a mental toughness matching her physical tenacity.

She drove a truck full of furnature from the sister she had recently lost straight thru from North Carolina to New Jersey at night, competing with 18-wheelers which take over the interstates then. She arrived after midnight completely spent mentally and physically and needed to go to the ER.

After a record snow fall, over 2 feet, in 2016 she decided to clear her 185 foot driveway by hand with the help of her son and a friend. I calculated the weight of the snow moved from the water content and area cleared was 13 tons.

She cleared the leaves from her yard with a dozen or more large trees by herself this Fall.
This would have been a 4-star effort for most people, but the bar is set higher for SHIWO.

Cleared snow from her 185 ft. driveway again in 2018, this time without help in 5-10° temperatures with 45 MPH wind gusts driving the wind chill to -10 to -20. Finishing late at night. Even though there was less snow, she get's an extra star for tackling the job alone in blizard conditions. One thing we've discovered is having some company on a project makes things easier.

Lest you think this is encouraging reckless behavior let me remind you that "Smart" is the first word in SHIWO. I have seen her back down when she gets too close to her edge. Or maybe she's afraid she's pushing her helper too close to his edge. :-)

She is also an Iron Willed Woman - Resolute when she decides on a course of action.

One of her friends offered "Super Hot and Intelligent WOman" as what SHIWO stands for, so that has become an alias.

This is only a definition of the acronym, SHIWO has many other attributes to numerous to list.

In addition she is my personal advisor on a whole range of topics.
Here are some categories with a few examples.

Home management: What should I fix to get my house ready to sell.
Social: How to get along with Women. (Flowers or chocolate)
Dietician: "I don't care if it is the cheapest lunch in town, all those hot dogs at Costco are not not good for you."
Medical: "That pain in your chest after your long uphill bike ride may NOT be sore muscles from breathing too hard; You should see a doctor." Saved my life. (95% blockage of the LAD, The widowmaker)
Accountability partner: "Did you get those closets cleaned out yet? Did you read today's daily devotional"
Editor: Edits my emails and my web pages (Not this one; She doesn't know about it yet)
Athletic trainer, coach: I would never have trained for and run 3 half-marathons without SHIWO's encouragement and effort in setting up our training schedule and motivation to follow it.
Gardner: SHIWO made my magnolia look great again. (Gardening is a reciprocal activity)
Dress and Fashion: She gave up. :-)

You get the picture; I better quit before I get in trouble.

Mary Jackson